craft service drop-off

For smaller crews of 20 (minimum) to 45 (maximum), our Drop-Off service is a professional and economical way to go. This service is ideal for lower budget photo or video shoots or one-day TV and film production that remains in one location and takes less than 12 hours.

This option comes with coffee and beverage service and a variety of snacks appropriate for breakfast, mid-morning, after lunch and late afternoon. Three levels of menu items are available to meet all budgets and accommodate the particular preferences of your cast and crew, including special dietary restrictions.

We’ll deliver refreshments to your set 30 minutes before your call time in shrink-wrapped baskets to make it easy for you or your PA staff to replenish and maintain the craft service table throughout the day. Each day, we’ll pick up and replace linens, baskets and bins to help you keep the table looking fresh.

Do you need to rent tents, tables, coolers, serving baskets or other equipment? We offer a complete Drop-Off Equipment Rental Kit, or you may rent individual items. (Separate Equipment Rental fees will apply.) See our Equipment Rental section for more details. (link).

Please note:

  • Shopping and Prep Fee may apply based on availability of requested items or for shoots more than one day.
  • Delivery Fee may apply depending on location and order size.
  • Set Up and Breakdown Fee may apply for shoots with multiple locations.

If this sounds like the service for you, take a look at our packages (link to packages).

Not sure what you’ll need? We can help!