Gourmet Passes” Selection: May be added onto any Ibiza Bites Full-Service package for $10 per person per day (minimum of 20 people)
In addition to the items provided with your selected package, we will provide passed tray service of hot and/or specially prepared items— which may include smoothies, hot appetizers, quesadillas, mini gourmet sandwiches, grilled vegetables, pot stickers, taquitos, grilled sausages, Paninis, cheese and cracker platters, fresh berry parfaits, and more.

Cast Trailer Gourmet Baskets: $50 per day; $60 per day with Gourmet Coffee and Tea Service
Let us stock your talent and producer trailers with gourmet baskets filled with their requested items, as well as fresh fruit, bottled water, candies, cookies and other items.
Request forms may be completed by talent; please note, additional fees could apply if these items exceed our budget. Gourmet coffee and tea service includes a personal coffee maker plus hot water teapot, gourmet coffee and selection of teas and all necessary accompaniments.
A refundable $50 deposit may be required for this service.

Full-Service Mobile Kitchen Truck Fee: $350 per day plus custom menu price per person
If you’d like the benefit of serving, hot, fresh made to order meals from our mobile kitchen, we will bring the Ibiza Bites truck to your set for an additional $400 per day, plus the per person rate we determine ahead of time with you. Contact us for more information about this option.