movie catering

Ibiza Bites is the first and only Atlanta-based movie caterer.

With a state-of-the-art, full-service mobile kitchen/food truck and 10,000-square-foot commissary kitchen located in the heart of Atlanta, we offer your production invaluable speed, efficiency, flexibility, and mobility. And above all— hot, fresh and delicious meals, served round the clock, buffet style or cooked to order.

With our headquarters in Atlanta, the hub of the South, our reach is not just limited to Georgia, but extends into North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and beyond.  No matter where you shoot or how often your set moves—from the mountains to the coast — our mobile kitchen follows you, providing a fine dining experience from any street corner.

At Ibiza Bites, we know that time is money. So we’ve got film and TV catering down to a science, feeding your cast and crew of as many as 400 with double-sided buffets quickly and efficiently in 30 minutes or less.

Special celebrity requests? Diva diets? No problem. We can customize our menu to suite a variety of tastes, preferences and diets, including vegetarian, vegan, non-dairy and gluten free.

Whatever your cast and crews tastes, they’ll always find something irresistible on the menu at Ibiza Bites.

Ibiza Bites Cinema Catering Breakfast Sample Menu

Ibiza Bites Cinema Catering Lunch Sample Menu