img 4450We began our culinary journey together in 2002. As a young couple chasing wind and waves through Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, we developed a passion for adventure and great local food. In many countries, street food districts represent the true taste of the culture, bringing together locals and tourists in a celebration of local flavor. Memories of this incredible street fare, often found in the most humble settings, inspired us to pursue our culinary dream and bring a taste of our adventures to your street corner.

At Ibiza Bites, we want to do more than cook you a great meal. We aim to provide you with an experience that satisfies both body and soul. That’s why you’ll always receive a friendly smile and a heartfelt thank you.  That’s why we invite you to step right up to our spacious windows and watch us prepare your food from scratch, made to order each time. That’s why you’ll find convenient café tables, a shady awning, hand-lettered signs, and lively music. To us, each of these elements is just as important as our fresh, flavorful menu items and specials, and colorful, gourmet presentation that almost looks too good to eat…

So next time you visit Ibiza Bites, don’t just place an order, take a journey. Life is food. Taste life!

Jamie & Raf