welcome to ibiza bites

On the island of ibiza off the coast of Spain, life is a party…The motto of the locals? “Live and let live.”

At ibiza BITES we share a similar philosophy:
It only takes one bite to fall into food bliss with our imaginative brand of “SoLa” cuisine – a, well, um … bastardly blend of LATIN AMERICAN and GOOD OL’ DEEP SOUTH FLAVORS that has been perfected by THREE GENERATIONS OF FAMILY CHEFS.

Step up to our windows, take a peek inside, and you’ll see that every dish we make is PREPARED BY HAND, EVERY DAY, JUST FOR YOU, based on what’s fresh at the farmer’s market this season. So come on down, yell an order at the chef and get ready to see what living really tastes like.

ibiza Bites…Life is Food. Taste Life!